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Kentucky Bourbon: Woodford Spire

We recently took a (surprise) trip to the bourbon trail in Kentucky for my husband's 40th birthday! We had SO MUCH FUN! It was so out of the box of where we normally would go for a birthday. Plus, what made it even more special was that two other couples were able to come along with us for the surprise!

We had a great time visiting Louisville. We only had the weekend so we had to make the best of our time. We used ALL day Saturday for the bourbon trail and it was dreary weather. Which, turned out to be FANTASTIC for bourbon drinking outside on the patio. We went to Buffalo Trace first. We didn't get to spend much time there but we got to walk around (and sober up from the night before). Then we drove to Woodford reserve distillery and got to take the tour around and drink outside on the patio. It was a GREAT atmosphere and we had delicious cocktails with scrumptious snacks.

Lastly we went to Makers Mark and surprisingly to us it was COMPLETELY different. They have different flavors but no rye Bourbon. They have a wonderful story on how they are made. We even got to dip our own Bourbon bottles into the infamous wax! I would highly recommend going on the bourbon trail and tasting all the distilleries that you can! I have made one of the cocktails from Woodford Reserve's very own recipes and I will attach the link to the tutorial underneath the recipe. Please comment if you made it and how much you love it too!

Thanks, xx Anna

The Woodford Spire:

1.5 oz Woodford Reserve

2 oz lemonade

1 oz cranberry juice

Mix ingredients into highball glass and add ice. Stir, then add a lemon twist.

Youtube video--->

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